Friday, March 2, 2012

Why we haven't traveled more...

It's hard to leave San Miguel

This photo taken from a friend's house shows San Miguel at a magical moment.  This may help to explain why it has become difficult to drag ourselves away.  However, we still manage to do so every now & then.  A year ago, we went to Argentina & Chile for the month of March, with Jim (Pat's brother) & Sandra.  We followed this by a month in CA around Pat's 25th Stanford GSB Reunion, a trip to Mexico City and then a month in Florida with Bill's Mom.

So much for history, going forward, we plan to share the story of our first 2 month long trip.  ...Oh, I do remember, back in 1986 after graduating from GSB and planning a 1 month trip to Europe.  I worried that 1 month of being that close together could be really challenging.  Well, we survived. And now, we rarely leave home for less than a month. But 2 months?  Stay tuned.  I think we will manage. ;-)

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