Thursday, March 22, 2012

Singapore - visit number one

We overnighted Saturday in Singapore with Dave & Shelly. The basic plan was to do a little laundry and otherwise take it easy, recouping from our busy days in Kuching. Still, they wanted to be sure we got a good intro to Singapore.  So for lunch we went to a favorite spot for Shanghai Dumplings (dumplings with a wonderfully flavored broth in side).  In Hong Kong, we learned to eat them by letting them cool a bit and then popping the full thing into our mouth.  Dave & Shelly taught us a second way. With the dumpling in a chinese soup spoon, make a little hole into the dumpling and sip the broth.  Then pop the dumpling in your mouth.  This second ways enhances the experience by allowing you to more appreciate the broth before then also enjoying the dumpling.  Next up: Durian. Durian is a fruit that with a reputation for a pungent (can I say horrible?) smell and a wonderful blend of tastes.  Shelly started by taking us by the durian fruit in the market.  It wasn't as bad as we feared. Yep, there's something weird in that smell, maybe sulphur? We didn't run away. So she got braver and headed to the very popular durian crepe stand.  Pat & Shelly shared a crepe.  Shelly loved it. Pat was OK with it.  But let's face it, this was a mild intro to durian.  The filling included durian, but in a pudding form, hence diluting the taste. Later they took us to Little India for dinner featuring fish head curry...note: it's definitely better than it sounds! We also experienced a Singapore thunderstorm.  No hail but otherwise even more impressive than a San Miguel storm.

The place to go for durian crepes...
Shelly preparing her Shanghai Dumplings

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