Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kowloon HK

We've spent two nights in Kowloon & today we will meet up with Dennis Monticello who has invited us to spend a couple days with him in Stanley.  For most of us, Stanley means Stanley Market.  I loved shopping there on my previous trips here.  I still look forward to it, but I'm more intrigued by life in Stanley.  

But first, the highlights of our stay in Kowloon, on the mainland. From a touring perspective, that would be the Kowloon Park, HK History Museum, the HK Art Museum and the Symphony of Lights.

Panorama of the Hong Kong Island Skyline at night. 

Pat getting fit at Kowloon Park            Bill with paper effigies of Guardian Gods 
                                                              at the HK History Museum

                     School children in front of a           At the Ladies Market in Mongkok
                        Mexican folkart replica.

Mystery Fruit at the Market

  Seeds for Sale at the Flower Market - Great Display!

From a food perspective, the highlights would be the peanut butter waffles (Barrista Cafe), the salt & pepper soft shell crabs (Hing Fat), the arugula & prosciutto pizza (La Taverna) and the fresh sardines & lamb curry  (Macau). The first three are all on Ashley Street and Macau is on Luck Road.

Display at Hing Fat - the Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crabs were crunchy and spicy. Yum!

OK, it's time for us to get back to packing to move to the very foggy (today) Hong Kong Island.

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