Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back to Singapore

We returned to Singapore for two days before our big trip to Cambodia & Vietnam.  Day one we visited Kampong Glamm (the Arabic section of Singapore). Conveniently that was the day of a great intro to Singapore Tour in that area.  We learned about the history of Singapore (Johor Empire to Brit to today), wandered the lanes of shophouses (shops on the first floor, living space above), visited the mosque, enjoyed demonstrations of perfume blending, wrapping a sarong, and using a neem tree twig as a toothbrush.

Park View 
- Art Deco Building circa 2002

Shophouses - shops on ground floor,
living space above

Alleyway Barbershop

What were they thinking?

Following the tour we had lunch at Gourmet Port (North Bridge Rd) which featured Morroccan & Italian food.  We had Muhammara, Lamb Shank Tagine and Chicken Kababs.  The chicken was absolutely fabulous...soooo moist.  After lunch we explored the shops.  The fabric shops on Arab Street are amazing.  We'll be back on our final visit to Singapore for this trip...

Muhammara - Red pepper puree 
with garlic & Morroccan Spices
Chicken Kabab - perfectly moist chicken!

Fabric Display in one of many textile shops on Arab Street
Day 2 was basically relaxing & preparing for the trip to Cambodia & Vietnam with a 4:30 flight to Siem Reap.

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