Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brief Encounters

Let me start by pointing out that Bill & I never run into personal friends unexpectedly during our travels.  We have met folks who turn out to be friends of friends, but that has been the closest we have come...til now.   

When we contacted Patty Einarson to see if we could visit for a couple days enroute to Asia, we learned that Marci Sindell (from Boston) & family would be arriving at SFO at 7:30pm on Saturday March 3, 4.5 hours before out flight to Hong Kong.  So we scheduled to meet for dinner.  

The surprises:  While at Stanford Shopping Center earlier in the day, we bumped into Diane Arenson (from Minnesota) who happened to be in town for 2 days. We hadn't seen each other in 25 years!

Yet two fortuitous encounters were just not enough.  While dining with Patty & Marci, a Mexican friend from San Miguel, Graciela Barrales walked by.  She & Arturo Juardo were enroute to Thailand.  It's likely they will also overlap with us in Singapore. (Sorry, I didn't think to get a shot with them.)

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