Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bali Hai

View from our room.  Not bad, huh?
Sunday we were off to Tioman Island, the island called "Bali Hai" in the movie South Pacific.   We wanted some beaching and a taste of the reef.  We found an idyllic, isolated resort, convenient to Singapore.  (Giving credit, where credit is due, Bill & Judy Zivko found this island first via their Malaysian daughter-in-law.) We vegged out for 1 1/2 days, laying on the beach reading, occasionally looking up to be amazed at the beauty of the surroundings. It's truly impossible to really express how gorgeous the place is.  Hopefully the photos suggest it a bit.

Tuesday we made up for our lazy ways by taking a 2 hour (one-way) hike out through a small village and on to a waterfall. To minimize the heat we headed out at 9am.  Not bad.  The return trip was pretty darn hot. We were certainly ready for our shower and lunch when we got back!  The trek started out on a forest trail which then took us across a beach then back to the forest and on to a neighboring resort.  A bit further it turned into a 5 foot wide concrete "road" that continued to the village and on to the waterfall.  It is clear that some of the villagers work at the resorts. We'd seen some of them passing by our otherwise secluded rook.  But we were amused to see the old bikes parked at the end of the concrete awaiting their owners workday return. A little after-lunch snorkeling was enough activity to round out the day.

View upon arrival by b oat from the airport
View from our chairs on the beach

Parking Spot at the end of the pavement

A wing is good. A swing on in paradise is better

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