Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Great US Roadtrip — Overview

Bill & Pat are close to qualifying to receive Mexican permanent resident status.  This is great because it reduces the paperwork requirements. It is bad because we will not be able to keep our car (a 2006 Honda CRV with less than 25K miles on it.)  We can't keep it because the car was made in Japan and does not qualify for Mexican "nationalization".  

So we plan to sell the it...but first we need to put some mileage on it. So it is time for a US Roadtrip.  

We originally planned to depart Mexico in early May but learned that we'd need to start the trip earlier than we initially expected...long story re immigration status and our misunderstanding re the timing. The revised plan is to do the southwest, leave our car in California for 5-6 weeks while we return to SMA for details in transitioning to Permanent Resident status. Then back to CA and on around the US arriving in Maine for our 50th high school reunion in early August...and on, on, on.

Here's the trip overview...
  • Depart SMA Friday March 20
  • First real stops: Santa Fe & Albuquerque
  • Move on via Flagstaff and Grand Canyon if weather permits
  • Spend a couple days in Vegas (for the shows...we are not into casinos
  • Arrive in Northern CA early April
  • Fly back to San Miguel April 11
  • Return to CA when our paperwork is ready…mid May?
  • Head north through Ashland OR and the Oregon Coast to Seattle.
  • Then back through Portland and Hood OR (Columbia River Gorge) to Salt Lake City.
  • And on to Grand Canyon (if missed earlier), Page AZ, Monument Valley/Moab UT
  • Arrive in Colorado around the end of June/first of July
  • Travel through Minneapolis & Wisconsin to arrive in Chicago for July 12-July 22
  • Then on through Detroit (gotta see the Diego Rivera Murals) to Niagara Falls and Montreal.
  • Arriving in Maine likely on July 30 (Our 50th High School Reunion is August 1.)
  • Be in Garland for family visits from July 30 through August 2
  • Stay on the Maine Coast for a week or so then onto Boston
  • Next Newport RI and Long Island.
  • We’ll be in NYC from Sep 1-10.
  • Move on to Wilmington and Washington DC. 
  • Arrive in Charleston SC around the first of Oct.
  • On to Savannah, and New Orleans (arriving mid Oct.)
  • We plan another home exchange there but haven’t booked it yet.
  • From there we hope to visit friends in OK and then onto San Antonio.
  • In Texas we plan to sell our car and then likely we’ll head back to SMA.
  • But if we still have the travel bug, who knows?

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